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Types of Holistic Healing Techniques

Holistic healing has gained prevalence in today’s culture and society. Once frowned upon, more people are turning to alternative therapies in place of modern western medical practices. Holistic healing is a total body health plan, analyzing nutrition, environment, emotional states, psychological issues, and life styles.

High-Stress Holiday – Taking the Easy Way Out

This is the time of year when stress levels run extremely high. It’s a time when family relationships teeter on the brink of disaster and loneliness is the number one killer. I’d like to talk about that last one.

Spiritual Reading – 7 Tips

Like to read? One of the most ancient Christian practices is spiritual reading. Reading allows you to focus your mind on what’s most important, on God’s Word, on His plan, on the marvels he has worked in history. Here are 7 tips for getting the most out of your spiritual reading…

Yogananda And Trance Channeling

Yogananda taught that we should not seek guidance from mediums and psychics who contact astral beings while in a passive trance state, but should, instead, follow the teachings given by great masters during their life on earth. He had good reason for saying this, because false information is often received from astral beings by unsuspecting channels and published as if it were divine truth.

Start Your Day Off Right – Morning Offering

Ok, so maybe you’re not a morning person, but you do love God, right? Here’s a way to start your day off right according to the spiritual masters…

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