Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 868? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 868 😬

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Marriage or Consecration – 6 Signs to Discern Your Vocation

Are you discerning?… Well, is it marriage or consecration? Here are 6 signs to help you make the right decision in your vocational discernment.

How to Manage Your Emotions – Especially Negative Emotion This Holiday Season

Are you tired of “faking it until you make it?” If you think only a positive attitude will keep you mentally healthy, think again. Here are some tips that can keep your emotions in check during the stressful holiday season.

The Awakened Soul: Marching to a Different Drum

Within each of us is an inner orchestra and it is led by Soul, the invisible conductor of our life. We have trouble hearing this music in our modern world because we are engulfed in the clang and rush of external pressures. We often wonder why we keep mindlessly doing all the things which distract us from the call of purpose, but even this small, questioning voice is drowned out as we race to work, hack away at piles of obligation and drop exhausted into bed at night. So how do we re-discover the magic in life?

Need Spiritual Life Advice? How to Discover Your True Life Purpose (Trust Your Intuition)

Who else could use some honest, insightful and intuitive life advice? Do you find yourself struggling to pick a path, or make spiritual progress in your life? Are you stuck, or in a rut, or simply NOT living the life you feel you were meant to live? The truth is, if it’s any consolation, MOST people in the world are stumbling and fumbling along… and NOT living with the sort of JOY and juice they truly deserve.

Where to Find Buried Treasure

There is an ancient Hindu legend about an incident in which the gods decided to hide fallen humankind’s divinity. They wanted to hide it somewhere that it could never be found, so they met together and discussed the various places that it might be hidden.

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