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Soul Stillness In A Busy World

Tranquility of heart and peace of mind comes, even at busy times, to those safe in God. Have faith to know soul stillness, of the Lord’s variety, is available anytime, anywhere. It’s a miracle because it can’t be explained; it just is… peace.

Patterns in the Pier-Glass

Something I remember Stephen Covey saying one time is that people are inclined to produce evidence to support their own beliefs, whatever they should happen to be. I saw what I consider to be an excellent example of this, earlier today, whist watching a TV program about houses.

9 Simple Ways to Spend Time With God Each Day: There’s Power in the Hour

Spending time with God each day is critical to living a joyous and victorious life. An hour a day with God in prayer, meditation, and more can create positive changes for you. Learn 9 basic ways to build your relationship with God and grow your spirituality.

Being Grateful for Life

Last night, I learned that the daughter of a work associate of mine has cancer and that my colleague has flown to Australia to be with her. Today, as I looked at my blogging schedule, I realised that I had wanted to blog about the subject of gratitude and the juxtaposition of these two things started me thinking about how very difficult it can sometimes be to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

The Blessedness of Knowing God

No amount of self-improvement courses, get-rich-quick schemes, or fad diets will get us to the sustainability of our goals. They’ll leave us empty, searching for the new ‘best thing’. What we really want is to know ourselves, and that can’t be achieved, truly, without knowing God – the lover of our souls.

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