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This Christmas Open Your Heart First

As we enter the Christmas Holiday Season this December, everyone is scrambling to buy the one item that is on everyone’s must have list this Christmas; even in a very bad economy, people are shopping till they are dropping, trying to get those highly coveted electronic gadgets, or cars for their buying needs. And as Christian believer in the Lord God Himself, there is nothing wrong with buying gifts for the Christmas season, however my concern is that the vast majority of people out their shopping and buying this Christmas season, are doing so just adding to their…

What’s the Next Religious/Spiritual ‘Step’ For Mankind?

At this point in time all the world’s religions are aware of each other in a totally new way. And all the world’s inhabitants are (in essence) aware of all the religious institutions on the surface of the Earth. Only now, is it really obvious that each religion is Provincial? Each religion has its assumptions about right and wrong, do’s and dont’s, based on local and often historically ancient rules that had relevance at the time? This article is only a discussion, not a veiled attempt to convince anyone about any religion at all. Quite the reverse. It’s time for the childishness of Religious Provincialism to be exposed, and completely stopped in its tracks now. Otherwise, we know what’s going to happen?

A Supernatural Partnership Part II: God’s Solution to Your Problems in Prayer

In our last article, A Supernatural Partnership, we considered this question: If God desires that you have a mutual relationship of pleasure and joy with Him in prayer, why is prayer so difficult? Romans 8:26-27 identifies these problems as a lack of strength and a lack of knowledge. In this article Dr. John Harbison looks at God’s solution to your problems in prayer.

9 Reasons To Begin And Continue Meditation

Meditation is way to balance your life. Many of the trials and challenges that you face on a daily basis can be overcome by meditation. A simple thing like deep breathing when you become anxious is a part of meditation.

What to Do If Your College-Aged Child Turns His Back on Judaism

It’s a Jewish coming-of-age story familiar to most, if not all, parents of college-age children: your college-aged child comes home after a semester away at school or after a traumatic event such as a break-up and announces that he is no longer Jewish. Even if he doesn’t say so in as many words, your child makes it clear he no longer has any interest in the religion. He doesn’t want to attend services, doesn’t fast on Yom Kippor or makes plans with friends instead of coming to a Passover or Rosh Hashanah meal.

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