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The Shroud of Turin – The Sign of Jonah?

Some scientists are still not satisfied with the chemical interaction theory of how the image was formed. They claim that a catalytic event must have caused such a reaction. They theorise that some form of energy must have passed through the fabric to trigger a chemical reaction. One hypothesis is that the units of matter called nuceons must have decoupled causing a dematerialisation of the body. Simply put, the body passed through the fabric of the shroud.

Building a Better Relationship With God

A relationship with God is not about being perfect, not about religion, going to church or fitting into some kind of stereotypical preconception. Knowing God is way more than memorizing Bible verses or singing church hymns. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle, a passion… kind of like falling in love.

The Christocentric Principle

I believe that perhaps we would all be a lot clearer in our thinking about the ways of God if we adopted the Christocentric Principle. I also believe that it would help us agree more and divide less over our interpretations of the scriptures. What we acknowledge is in the center makes all the difference. It’s in the middle Cyril – Jesus is the center.

Christian Scholars and Preachers Disagree on Spanking Children

Spanking children has been a major news item of late in America with the death of Hana Williams and the video of a Texas judge beating his daughter with a belt. The debate over spanking continues to rage with no end in sight. One pastor from Tennessee has appeared on major news outlets saying he and many others who follow the Bible are just following what the Good Lord commanded Christians to do in the Holy Scripture. Most Christian people follow his view and see spanking as a plain Bible teaching. But is it? Many Christians who are questioning this whole teaching now are surprised to see the opinions of Christian academics, theologians and Bible scholars whose views concerning spanking differ dramatically from those of many pastors who demand spanking today.

My First Gratitude Post

The power of gratitude is unleashed into our lives in ways that may not be immediately apparent. As part of my own personal development, I have become convinced that learning to develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is fundamentally connected with achieving success.

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