Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 8888? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 8888 😬

How to Be Grounded in God

What is God? The Source of God is the foundation of your very being. It is your essential essence, your true life force and the very fabric of your soul.

Spirituality Vs Religion

The core of my being is full of spiritual thinking and feelings – born from the inspirational ideas and thoughts of many great books I have read; amazing music, with and without lyrics; and the countless motivational quotes and messages from a multitude of sources. They produce and promote such wonderfully warm feelings to uplift and inspire me to be a better person. Maybe it’s too presumptuous of me to think that sharing my thoughts can do the same for you?

The Impact Of Having A Christian Helpline

Christians have strong faith and therefore rely on their faith to get them through the hard times in life. But still, even they can break down and struggle from these, especially when faced with extremely difficult challenges in life. This is why a Christian helpline was developed to ensure that they can have a hotline to call whenever they need any form of assistance, particularly spiritual help.

Ghost Hunting Made Easy

Ghost hunting is very popular these days. There are literally dozens of shows on television, radio, and pod-casts concerning ghosts, and ghost hunting. Perhaps you wish to become a ghost hunter, or just learn about ghosts; this article is for you.

Psalm 29 – Ascribe to the Lord, Glory!

Take a quick reflective look around you – all that God has given you: the objects, technology, and tools; the people and relationships; the thoughts and feelings; the gifts and opportunities; your memories and plans; the mystery of life; the hope of eternity; sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell; a wonderland to observe; interesting problems and challenges; the universe to awe – at whose creation this is; your parents or guardians; your work; your passion. For all we perceive: glory! We have, and are given, so much. We have accumulated; usually for a purpose. That purpose is, ultimately, to give glory to God. It is what we’ll do in heaven and we’re to do it here as well.

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