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Gradual Self Improvement and Spiritual Growth

Media and advertising have accustomed people to believe that change can happen quickly for everyone. People experience constant stimuli which convince them that pills, medicines, CDs, contraptions and other devices can radically change their life in a matter of days or weeks. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most. No weight loss transformation is ever fully achieved in a week’s time, no profession taught in a month, and no spiritual change made overnight.

For God So Loved The World That He Gave It His Only Son

Meditating over what the Father gave in order to save each one of us is compensation, more than enough, for the present trials we endure. We truly have no sensible understanding of how good a fact it is to be reborn in the Spirit. 50,000 days continual meditation over such a fact could not diminish it.

How to Identify Your Life Purpose

Today I heard of a Scottish couple who have won Β£162 million ($262 million) in the largest cash jackpot ever won in Europe. It reminded me of an exercise I often set for people who attend my workshops.

Beta Spirituality

Brainwave activity is measured in several streams and, for the purposes of present discussion, especially by alpha and beta waves. Alpha waves register when our minds are on autopilot; beta thinking, on the other hand, occurs when we’re focused on a task to the exclusion of all distractions. Beta spirituality, likewise, fits the Francois Fenelon tag. There is intentionality about it.

Sickness and Salvation

Salvation comes to many with compassionate words of love and the sincerity of words but with others it may take fear, fear of Hell fire and eternal separation from God. We see in scripture that we are to use both to convert the lost, not hating them but loving them enough to use whatever means necessary to show them that without Jesus there is no salvation from the world to come.

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