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How Do We Know We Exist?

Today I read a thought-provoking post on the subject of enlightenment. Quite a lot the article seemed to speak to me and I recognise that in some small way, perhaps I have been enlightened.

Surrender: The Act of Love

I want to look at surrender from the perspective of a process that takes place within ourselves. At any given point in time, I see myself as functioning out of a state of Love and wholeness or fear and lack. I consider the first to be my higher authentic(spiritual) nature and the second to be the base (carnal/natural) ego nature.

Different Witchcraft Symbols and Their Meanings

Different witchcraft symbols are rich in meaning. Even the most simplistic symbols used by practitioners of the Craft can have complex, highly suggestive meanings. Simple and intricate witchcraft symbols can be used to decorate personal items, magickal objects, or they are used in spell workings; the symbols ultimately contain intense meanings that come to represent ideas, conventions, ideologies, operations, emotions, thoughts, or they serve as an emblem that simplifies abstract ideas or concepts.

The Importance of Values

A while back, when I was conducting a training session for an organisation with which we do regular business, I noticed a little booklet that outlined the Values of the organisation. It had been left behind by someone who had used the room before me.

What Can Harold Camping Teach Us?

A major lesson concerns the way Camping interpreted the Bible. He used two methods of calculating the day he believed the true saints would be caught up to heaven. The one involved a weird and convoluted number manipulation but the other was based on his reading of the Genesis account of the Great Flood.

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