Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 900? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 900 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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How to Get What You Want – Christianity Vs The Law of Attraction

How do you get what you want out of life? Can you just think about it and have it magically appear without doing anything or do you have to work your tail off having blind faith? Find out how you can truly get what you want out of life here.

Ho’oponopono And The Changes Of 2012

Are you ready for 2012? How many people have asked you questions like: What do you think will happen? Do you believe it will be the end of the world? Are you afraid? We are so stubborn. We insist on always worrying about the future instead of enjoying the present. We miss many opportunities and blessings as a result of our constant regretting the past or worrying about the future. I am going to ask you something different: Have you noticed that 2012 is already here?

Wisdom Brings Hope

Wisdom is not only obtaining information; it is also the process of analyzing and applying that information to problems, thought or circumstances, that may, or may not need a resolution. The wisest man on earth, King Solomon, had much to say about wisdom.

On Spiritual Practice

In this age of technology and materialism, when many wonder what tomorrow will bring, the resurgence of spirituality is a normal phenomenon. For centuries, people have turned to religions or other belief systems for support and understanding. Yet it never resulted in a better world on a global level.

Are You Sick of Being Told to Take Another Pill?

People including myself are getting tired of being thrown a pill for every ailment we have. If you’re sad, we’re told to take a pill; if we’re having digestive problems, we are told to take a pill. People are being told to treat their physical symptoms with so many medications…and we don’t even want to go into the short and long-term negative side effects of all these drugs.

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