Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 901? ๐ŸŒŒ The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 901 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Do You Compartmentalize Your Mind to Rationalize Your Faith With Science?

If you have to compartmentalize your faith in order to rationalize it with science then you need to realize science is just the study of creation. This is not to say your faith is wrong, or science: simply that you need a different point of view.

How to Recognize Life Defining Moments and What to Learn From Them

What can you do when life gets you down? From a spiritual perspective, there are solutions.

Seed Time And Harvest – Seven Hindrances To Abundant Harvest

What can stop your abundant harvest after you have planted your seeds? Have you ever planted and reaped little? It is not enough to just sow, for you to reap a harvest. There are other factors to consider if you want a bountiful harvest. This article lists things to watch out for if you are to receive a great return.

Letting Go of Resistance to Change

November 2011 and the past few months leading up to it has brought about, for many of us, some of the most profound changes within and without. With the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28th, the full moon of Taurus/Scorpio on November 10 and the powerful new energy portal of Divine Light that opened on 11.11.11 for the entire planet, many changes are currently underway.

The Bible in a Social Media World

What did we ever do before Facebook? It’s fascinating just what a role social media has in our lives today – tweeting, status updates, blogs we follow; even the long lost friends we’re suddenly back in contact with. Christians use it for fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism purposes. Yet, at what point does it takeover? At what point does it begin to usurp God and become part of Satan’s grand plan to dilute our worship, growth, and usefulness for God’s purposes?

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