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Famous Christian Quotes Help Build Faith

In Matthew 17:20, Jesus assures us that if our faith is as small as a mustard seed and is complete, we can then move mountains. There will not be a single thing that you cannot achieve. In John 20; 29, he pits those who had seen and believed, against those who had not seen yet believed.

Belonging to the Truth

Through this newfound desire and ability to turn-back-to-God, we have blessing in tow; to redeem faith, hope, and love to enjoy miraculous differences. Now, because of the truth, we have nothing to fear; all things are ours in the LORD our God – all because we listen to Jesus’ voice and belong to Truth.

How to Reconcile Your Human Life With Your Spirit

Learn how to see others as their pure spirit and let go of anger and resentment in the process. If we were able to see and understand that every human being is, in essence, that pure being of light and music, we would be more able to forgive and release our anger and resentment. We would treat ourselves better and honour our bodies and minds as the great parts of god and the universe that they are.

Comfort, O Comfort My People

The LORD seeks to comfort every last one. Though the 99 are found, the one still lost senses not the comfort of God; that should cause us pain, because it pains God. The forgiveness of God empowers all forgiveness. To know comfort we must first experience God’s comfort. Come, enjoy that comfort, now.

Silent Night of the Soul

What will heaven be like? Speculating about post-death experience – yes, imagining eternity – can be a worthy practice. As life is often portrayed as a mix between ecstasy and agony and all manner of emotion between – including numbness – we might spend some worthy reflection time enjoying thought for how other-worldly an existence eternity might be. Could it be a silent-night-of-the-soul experience? In other words, could it be the self subsumed in thought for anything but for the self?

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