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St Therese in the Driver’s Seat

Dear Friends! Faith is important in our lives, especially when we are waiting for miracles to happen, for the dreams we have been praying for to finally come true. It is during this waiting that we feel weak and vulnerable; we need signs that tell us that we are on the right track, that God hears us and understands us, that we got his benevolence and that His army of saints and angels are watching over us and working for our ultimate happiness; we need to know that the signs we received were true and not only inventions of a mind that is tempted to read into everything to find comfort and relief. It is during these times that we are most open to hearing stories that bear witness to the intercessory power of Saints; we gain strength from knowing that if good things happened to others, it will also happen to us. If they were heard, we are also.

Tips For Studying The Bible With Other Women

All of us are quite familiar with Eve’s act of eating the forbidden fruit and persuading Adam to follow her. Biblical women who followed Eve have proven themselves to be worthy of their God. Some of them had brought up some fine young men.

White Roses – A Message From Heaven

Dear Friends! As you know, I am already back, and with each day, I am getting deeper and deeper into my routine. But not even the fast and strict routine can force St. Therese out of my mind, my lovely and communicative saint who showed herself to me again, with a shower of roses. Not too long ago, again, I started a novena for St. Therese, and this time to let me know that my dear friend, Karen, who passed away on September 14th of this year, is in heaven, happy and healthy and well taken-care-of. This time, to avoid confusion that usually comes when St. Therese sends her shower of roses down to me, I asked her to let me know of Karen’s happiness in heaven by sending me a white rose, while all the other roses she decides to gift to me during this novena should symbolize God’s favourable answer to an earlier request of mine.

How Long Must Christians Pray to Have an Answer?

This has been a problem of many Christians especially when they need the answer right away. Many only remember to pray when they are in trouble while they have been living in sin all along. There’s no one who will tell you exactly how long your prayer request will take in order to be answered.

Resurrecting the Great Mother

We come into this world yearning to connect with the mother. Psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung conveyed that this innate need for mothering is archetypal, meaning that it reflects a universal symbolic pattern inherent in both the individual and collective unconscious. To be who we are here to be and who we are meant to be, we need to return to the beauty and the power of the Great Mother.

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