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The Burning Times

The ‘Burning Times’ is a period of history when around 60,000 people were tried and convicted as witches. The majority of these trials took place between 1550 and 1650 CE, however most of the victims of the witch-hysteria were not actually Pagan, and they most certainly were not Wiccan as this is a much newer form of Paganism. In reality, most of them were Christians who had the misfortune to be in the wrong situation, at the wrong time.

The Avatar of the Age of Ages

In the Cycle of Cycles there are trillions of God Realised Souls, billions of Perfect Masters, millions of Prophets and hundreds of thousands of Avatars. But there are only ten full Avatars of God the Father who comes to earth, and of these Meher Baba is the last and greatest beyond all measure. The Avatar Meher Baba is the Ancient One – the original Soul and Source of all other Souls in creation.

Ascended Master – Lord Kuthumi Is the Master of Wisdom, Love and Understanding

There is wisdom in the many situations and in the relationships you have experienced along the way. The essence of Self-Mastery is one of discovering or re-discovering all that you are. There is much to learn and much to un-learn along the journey called life in this realm of dense physical matter.

The Love That Changes The World Is Known As Giving

How does love express itself as giving? Giving causes people to take note of what we are doing. We live in such a self-centered world that it seems natural to us to just take from others and look for more avenues for taking. Giving, though, is not as frequent an action. Giving helps those in need to understand that they are worthwhile. Giving is a creative force that can help people who are living on a destructive path to pause and turn things around. Most of us can look back and point to a teacher or someone who helped us out in a particularly hard time by giving of their time and concern. Giving counters the tend that leads from selfishness to disregard of others and then to violence.

Blessings of Inner Sabbath

Is there a more important spiritual condition than the contemplative nature of rest, including true nearness, within the LORD our God? At such a place, where one is free to roam, perfectly still of spirit, even in the presence of pitch darkness, the Spirit prevails. Quiet now…

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