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Opening Your Third Eye Through Meditation

Opening your third eye is a major step in spiritual progression and should be neither forced nor rushed. It is no small feat and often spoken of in a laughably glib manner amongst the new-age community. This article will put to rest many of the misconceptions and provide practical methods for serious and level-headed seekers.

Seed Time And Harvest: Potent Spiritual Law That Can Never Falter

Are you weary of waiting for your harvest? Harvest always follows seed time and every seed is sown with an expectation of a harvest. Seed time and harvest is a spiritual law that has been in operation since creation. This article states the reason why this law can never falter.

The Missing Peace

The human fabric is woven so tightly together that even the smallest choice can affect another human being far greater than we could possibly imagine…most choose sex, drugs and alcohol as a quick fix. These substitutes are very alluring because they make us feel like we are in control and can cover up our true feelings of emptiness.

Depression, Pastoral Ministry, and Our Source of Hope

Pastors are not immune to depression. Hope however can be found by a faith that embraces the resurrected, living, and ever present Jesus Christ. 2 Timothy 2:8 says “Remember Jesus Christ raised form the dead.” The word “remember” is in the imperative, and for good reason. Hope can be found by a vital connection to the Living Lord.

Connecting With Your Higher Self – The Missing Pieces

There are many articles and videos out on the web on the topic of connecting with your higher self. The overwhelming majority of them are about helping you achieve a deep state of relaxation (through a special guided meditation) that will allow you to relax enough and become quiet enough to “hear” your inner guidance. But what comes afterwards, and what do you do when your fear of going forward incapacitates you?

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