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What About All Of Those Other Gods, Do They Exist Too?

This article attempts to explain the existence of other perceived gods over the eons. Do the gods of the Romans, Greeks, Christians, Muslims and other civilizations really exist or are the myths and legends only? I explain their emergence and their miracles.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

All the Great Masters of the ages have said it: the number one way to personal freedom, spiritual growth and the experience of oneness, is to take ownership (personal responsibility) for everything that happens in your world. And that means everything that goes your way… And everything that doesn’t…

Wishful Dreaming

This article explains how the conscious self, the dreaming self and the probable self work together to create events in your life by choosing from a multitude of probable events waiting to be materialized. By knowing about the existence of the probable universe and probable events, one can coax certain of these prospective events to materialize by requesting them before going to bed at night.

Are You Arrogant?

After I woke up this morning, I grabbed the newspaper and started my morning read. Many of you know me as a writer and a chef but did you know that truth be told, I am a huge sports fan.

Pastors Trusting in the Faithfulness of God

The capacity to trust in the faithfulness of God is not a given for pastors. The reality is that we need to exercise a faith in God. Longevity in the pastoral vocation is dependent on a number of factors, trust being one of them.

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