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Not Only Is Spirituality Vitally Important, But the Type and Quality of Spirituality Is Crucial

Although many would deny it vehemently, people appear to know that there is life, or something, after death. One only has to read the special messages placed in newspapers. There is much talk regarding spirituality in these present days but the type and quality and positive reality of our spirituality is exceedingly important because of its consequences and eternal significance. There is an attraction in what is forbidden. Resist the forbidden with all your might. Jesus Christ taught that there is a great gulf fixed, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us. Spirituality is undoubtedly important and vital and crucial but the quality and type of spirituality has eternal repercussions of which many people are totally unaware.

Spiritual Expansion – Soul Restoration: Is There Something Missing?

What is a Soul? In my way of understanding, a Soul is that part of you which is all encompassing. A Soul is the vessel of all that is Sacred within your physical entity and that which is Spiritual Energy in its purest form.

Do You Believe In Magic Spells?

Magic, miracles, manifest themselves every day. Recently I was looking up the most hit keywords for my website and I put in the keyword “love psychic.” Well what popped up was “Love spells.” That keyword is far more popular than anything to do with psychic readings.

Thoughts From The Box – “What’s In Your Hand?”

Question: What’s in your hands? Now most of you would look down at your hands and say, “I see nothing!” Nevertheless, I am not focusing on what’s literally in your hands because I know that some of you opened this email on a hand-held device, and even your cell phone. However, I want to speak to what is figuratively in your hands.

Reiki Training Is Now Available to Everyone

Reiki training is now available to everyone regardless of your level of previous reiki experience, or where in the world you live! Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy that runs through every single living being, is available to all of us for the healing and growth of ourselves and others. Now, it is easier than ever to tap into your healing power!

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