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Accepting God’s Last Word

The key test of obedience is our response when all doors – desirable or preferred – close, leaving no option but to go the way we’ve avoided all along. Accepting God’s last Word on the matter of relevance before us right now – or on any matter of relevance – is first a decision, then, upon commitment, a process of both acting on and continually revising and reaffirming our decision.

The Tide of Eternity

The movement of the tide is beautiful in its grace – but it’s temporary, as we’re personally concerned. One hundred years from now we will be as those who lived one hundred years beforehand – gone several decades. Our real home awaits each of us.

5 New Age, Spiritual Mistakes: Have You Made These?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve taken a time consuming detour down a spiritual dead-end street. You’re not alone. Below we list some of the most common New Age blunders.

The Seven Deadly Sins

All 7 deadly sins are an expression of the negative male aspects of our own emotional energy. The opposing negative female aspects of our emotional energy are referred to by the church as virtues and seen as being saintly. We are all a combination of saint & sinner as determined by the sin or virtue of our emotional energy.

A Supernatural Partnership Part I: The Problems of Prayer

If someone offered to give you $100 for every day you prayed, would your times of prayer be more consistent? Would you set other things aside to get that time? The implication is obvious-would you do for money what you won’t do for God when you know that He both commands and invites you into His presence through prayer?

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