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Angels – Emmanuel Will Help You Create One Small Change Within

Change is not something most humans like or wish to undergo because it requires accepting responsibility, in part, for where you find yourself now in this moment. What do you think the “cost” is to remain where you are?

Bring Your Dreams to a New End!

The spirits say to always bring your dreams to a good end. I first learned this in a shamanic dream class. We wore dream robes at night that were imbued with our own shamanic dream symbols. Going to bed was a ritual in itself, with pure intent to dream and heal in the dreaming process. The dream state allows us to be magical and creative and taking back our dream state leads to wellness in the “awakened” state of consciousness.

How to Come Home to Your Self

This warm cozy nest I call your “inner home” is found inside your heart. This sacred place can only be found through total surrender to existence. When the ego lets go, there is no room for suffering and the divine is instantly experienced. As long as you are following your thoughts, believing them to be real, you cannot find Reality. While the mind/ego is running the show, the door to the divine remains closed. 

Analogy of Kundalini and Ramayana

Ram [soul] and ayan [journey] means journey of soul from time to eternity, from bounds of ego consciousness to the limitless expanse of cosmic expansion and from ignorance to competence. Ramayana is the spiritual science of spiritual growth and progress towards self realization.

Awakening Your Spiritual Path

At an early age, I learned that God was a Being who dwelled in a place far from where I ever stood. I learned to commune with the transcendent God of the Above, not the immanent Divine Within. But over the years, as I let go of childish thinking and took responsibility for my spiritual life, my perception of God changed dramatically.

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