Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 918? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 918 😬

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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Spiritual Expansion – Universal Laws of Guidance

Have you gone to a friend or co-worker you trusted to guide you only to realize the guidance you received did not resonate or work for you? There is an unending wealth of knowledge and guidance. The key to receiving is being alignment with Divine Source.

A Guide To Religion For Atheists!

Have you often asked yourself why evil exists? Why does God not intervene like he did in the bible? If there is a God why does he allow the atrocities that happen today to continue? This article will help you distinguish between true Religion and the God that comes from it and man’s religion and the God we make from it.

The Bible’s Verdict About Jesus Christ

In today’s information age, ideas abound about Jesus Christ. Bloggers, YouTube videos, Chat rooms, New York Times best sellers, and Wikipedia articles all weigh in with viewpoints about Jesus Christ. The compelling question is how reliable are the sources? Where should one begin to reach a verdict about Jesus Christ? Who should I trust?

How I Discovered a New World Within

When I retired I found my true work. But, it was way outside the scope of what I had ever worked on in my life.

Is Witchcraft Something We Really Need to Be Afraid Of?

Children are brought up to believe witches are old hags in pointy hats dancing around a boiling cauldron full of frogs and bat wings. From this, and irrational fear can develop which expands, helped by ignorance, into hatred and persecution. But we do not need to fear witches, just as we do not need to fear any religion, we just need to be wary of the extremists.

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