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Isaiah 2 – Vision of the New Jerusalem

The prophet’s vision is of a unified nation, properly submitted to the LORD, for the need to go his way. There is nothing of compulsion that manipulates these “many peoples.” No, this is a vision of the New Jerusalem; a vision for the Church somehow not quite completed. As vision of the New Jerusalem is imagined, we come replete with awe, that all tribes and tongues will join together as one to worship the LORD; that day – if we can call it a day – is coming. Maranatha!

Tantra Sadhana For Complete Spiritual Liberation

The word Tantra tends to conjure up visions of complicated sexual practices and techniques. However, as any tantra teacher will tell you, it is actually a complete philosophy, science and way of life in itself. Ancient Indian sages studied mankind as well as Nature and formulated this system so that men and women could synchronize their bodies and souls with Nature.

May the Weak Bear the Strong

The weak may be the one who submits to the greater cause for the church, whilst the strong may be self-considered: the one weak to nothing. It’s a paradox, then, that the strong are the fatal flaw of an otherwise perfectly imperfect church, and ‘the weak’ may well need to bear them who insist on rules… Unity is the challenge for the weak and strong alike; that each might bear with each other for the cause of Christ. Unity is achieved when all agree: nothing that remains in love is unclean.

Honing the Gift of Discernment

I have always been a trusting person… very trusting for that matter. This brought about a lot of stupid decisions which eventually made me accept that I lacked what the world calls “gut-feel”. I had to go through several humbling experiences for me to finally realize that I needed discernment.

Through the Wilderness: A Spiritual Map For An Age of Upheaval

The spiritual path we must walk is unlike any other. It is easy to get lost while on the Way, and the lives of many saints are proof of this. For this reason we need a map to give us assurance that during our times in the wilderness we are still on the Way.

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