Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 940? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 940 😬

Create the Perfect Day

All of us at some point or another have been asked or we’ve asked the question “How was your day?” Generally speaking people are well intended and ask out of their kind-heartedness and concern.  However, upon inspection this unassuming question can unexpectedly handicap our intent at conscious evolvement and trap us in our ego.

Spiritual Living

Is dogma required? Does a faith exist that holds the key for everyone. What is spirituality anyway? These are my thoughts on the subject.

Ego And It’s Game

Ego’s job is to keep us looking away from our Infinity and stuck on seeing only our limitations. Play Ego’s game with your eyes open – and win back your spiritual freedom! All you have to do is let go of feelings and pictures that are in that storehouse of Ego feelings and thoughts!

Catholic Questions – Advent: What Is It? Where Did It Come From? Why Do We Need It?

What is Advent, and why do we celebrate it? What does it have to do with Christmas? Can any body celebrate it, or is it only for Catholics?

Catholic Questions – Infant Baptism: Why Do Catholics Do This? Is It Against What The Bible Says?

Why do Catholics baptize babies? Shouldn’t the babies have a choice in their faith? When did this practice start? Can we find this in the bible or the early church?

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