Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 944? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 944 😬

Who Knows Me Like You Do?

One of our biggest problems is a lack of understanding. In conflict our purpose is confused for something heinous in low trust situations – they don’t understand us, and we not, them. Then there’s a broader scope of misunderstanding breeding loneliness, isolation, and fatigue from a lack of love. We are fortunate there is one who knows and understands us back to front and inside out.

Prayer And Praise: How to Recognize Life Defining Moments and What to Learn From Them

The choice between getting healed or eating, getting up and walking with your own ability or being bound, and have to wait for someone to take you around. The lame man was in a situation that alms could only provided a temporary fix, however, he needed a permanent fix.

Past Lives of Celebrities: 12 Examples of Reincarnation

How are your past lives influencing your present life? Even if you interpret them as subconscious metaphors, past life exploration can go a long way toward self-discovery.

Democracy As Healing for a Nation’s Soul

Democracy is a nation’s soul choice. Democracy is also necessary for a nation’s soul healing because it re-integrates all fragmented parts of a nation’s soul.

I Shall Not Hate

Flawed human beings that we are, sometimes we need to witness acts of generosity or of love that take our breath away. A woman prays for the man convicted of murdering her son; a perfect stranger dives into the ocean to save a child; a Muslim doctor forgives the Jews who killed his three daughters. These things make us believers again.

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