Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 946? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 946 😬

Ways to Manifest Your Desires

The art of manifesting is taking your dreams, desires and wishes and making them into tangible things that you want. A lot of people want a larger house, more money, love or a new car. The secret to getting them is visualization and a positive attitude.

In Fear and Trembling

It is easy to find a knowledgeable Christian; easy to find someone involved in ministry; easy, in our Western world, to find Bibles – even one with its owner’s name and scrawl all the way through it; easy to find Christians committed to supporting those in the mission field; easy to find Hillsong-type conference-going Christians; comparatively easy to find Christians who put their money where their mouths are – who give a tithe back to their local church; and, easy to find Christians with powerful views on their faith and a theology backing their faith up. What is not so easy to find is a vulnerable Christian; vulnerable before God and all humanity.

Psalm 73 – Entrance to God’s Presence

Our experience of life reveals a disparity to the truth; we see evil rewarded and piety punished. This is much the reason why people walk from the faith. They see little evidence of the justice of God where it most counts. But there is an answer, and this psalm reveals it. It commends us to turn from looking in the wrong place and, instead, to become magnetised to the Presence of the LORD. There, alone, is satisfaction. Nothing else compares. And everything makes more sense from that designation.

Thanksgiving: A Moment of Reflection

This article captures the true spirit of Thanksgiving Day. It opens thought to a deeper meaning of gratitude–gratitude not measured by human activity, large bank accounts and world popularity, but by compassion, humility, wholeness and unfolding of the ever-presence of goodness.

Enjoying Soul-Soothing Sensualities

Soul-soothing sensualities are nothing to feel guilty about. On the contrary, our five senses combine to realise blessing, and the Lord provides ample feedstock to ensure our sensuality performs its part in receiving such joyous abundance.

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