Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 947? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 947 😬

Enjoy Life – Life in Jesus Christ

How has life been to you? Would you recommend your type of life to someone else? Life really can be full of excitement if you have the right foundation. This article tells you why life in Jesus Christ enables you to enjoy life.

Ascension 101 – Basic Principles of Ascension

This article explains why all you need to do is to follow basic, “Ascension 101” principles to raise your consciousness. You do not need to know complex spiritual concepts. The basic principles are also briefly outlined.

Psychic Chain Divination

The use of the pendulum as a form of psychic divination is very similar to that of divining rods except you are using a single hand to hold the chain or whatever you are gripping to suspend the pendulum on. Anything can be used as a pendulum from a needle to the greatest jewel.

Spiritual Enlightenment – 21 Spiritual Myths That Hold You Back

You are here to learn lessons. Someone made this up to try and explain why life can be hard, and other writers of spiritual books copied it till it became a metaphysical myth–but lessons have absolutely nothing to do with why you’re here. Unfortunately, many people have taken on this belief. The biggest problem is, those who believe it are constantly enduring painful lessons, doing what they think is their spiritual duty.

Meditative Thoughts: What I Need Vs What I’m Needed For

Learn about the uniqueness of Kabbalistic meditation and the process of contemplation. Then try it out, with a powerful thought to focus on: “What I need” vs. “What an I needed for?”

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