Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 948? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 948 😬

How to Discern the Voice of God

What does God sound like? How does ‘He’ speak to you? Are you listening properly? God, or the Universal Consciousness, does not chat to you in your right ear, with the devil talking to you in your left ear. These are my thoughts on how the divine communicates with each of us.

A Creator Cannot Be Part of His Creation

A creator cannot create himself; therefore a creator must always be apart from his creation. The creator of our world must therefore exist beyond the confines of his creation: space and time. Our creator must therefore be pure consciousness. Even our own consciousness exists beyond space-time.

The Law of Sacrifice – One of The 11 Forgotten Laws

Among the 11 Forgotten Laws is more than just the Law of Attraction. There is also the Law of Sacrifice, according to Bob Proctor, a star of the movie “The Secret” who teaches that “The Secret” was incomplete in its own teachings because it only focused on the one Law of Attraction and almost totally ignored the other 10 “forgotten” cosmic Laws that are also needed to make attraction work.

How To Remove Fear Spiritually

One of the most distressing emotions that people have is fear, be it real or imagined. The fear could be related to starting a new job, giving a public talk, doing something new and challenging, or even taking a test. Fear clouds a person’s judgment and can stop you in your tracks.

Life Truth – How Ready Are You Today For Tomorrow?

Are you ready for what must surely come? We are always preparing for good or bad consciously or unconsciously. That we will leave this earth one day indeed is a life truth. The question is “how ready are you? This article is to help you answer this question honestly and daily.

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