Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 952? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 952 😬

Catholic Questions – What Are Marian Apparitions?

What are Marian apparitions? What must a Catholic believe about them? What if they appear on a grilled cheese sandwich?

First Steps to Regaining Life Power

Starting a path to spiritual growth is easy. Continuing that growth is the challenge.

A Call From God Brought Devastating Persecution

The door was dead bolted and I braced it with my body to keep it from being forced open. I screamed, “I called the police! They will be here any minute!” I warned them. Just a couple minutes before Eric had slammed his full body weight into my opened car door where I was just starting to exit.

The Law of New Thought, Part 1

The Law of the New Thought by William Walker Atkinson is a great introduction into the basic principles of New Thought.  He explains a number of Laws and puts them into context with examples and analogies.

Humility’s Grandest Test

The greatest inspiration for humility is Jesus. He who endured such humiliation did so with no justifiable recrimination. Whether we are right or wrong matters little; humiliation, and how we deal with it, is the grandest test of humility.

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