Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 953? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 953 😬

Why Connecting With Your Spirit Guides Can Change Your Life

Connecting with your spirit guides is one of the ways your life can be changed for the better. If you are feeling alone, unsupported, lacking direction, stressed and confused then the clarity you will have will be phenomenal.

Is Life An Illusion or Fantasy or Real?

This article explains the way subjective idea translates itself into physical materialization that is called Earthly life. It is not really hard, solid, concrete fact, but a subjective propellant forcing materialization that is interpreted as hard, solid, concrete reality.

Jesus Born Human Reveals the Heart of God – Creation Displays God’s Glory

Mankind alone has the choice, do I or do I not represent God in creation; do I show forth His glory? His Heart? His Love? As Jesus, each person decides whose intention is paramount. Jesus experienced the same abilities and challenges of all sons of man. Jesus willingly accepted the Father’s will as his own. Sensual lust interferes with mental abilities to discern and exercise choice to become fully ‘it is good’ human. I don’t want my flesh to control me any longer. Redemption of humanity is to restore the mind of God into the spirit, heart and mind of people; future glory, as Jesus saw it.

A Global or Local Flood?

I was always taught the flood waters covered the planet, which completely submerged Mt. Everest. Noah had every species and variety of animal, bird, reptile and insect on board the ark, as well as the food to feed them all for a year. All of nature today stems from these ark survivors; and all peoples today are descendants of Noah and his sons.

Pastors Take Heart for God Is Able!

Pastors can face a serious amount of discouragement. This article reminds pastors that God is at work, and more than able. The article is based on 2 Timothy 1:12.

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