Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 954? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 954 😬

Conversational Spiritual Progress

It’s a horrible state of affairs when we hear of people, especially in a church context, being criticised for being “too” spiritual. Can there be such a thing? If someone is genuinely passionate about their spirituality they will be passionate about others’ spirituality, also. And love will be the winner. Anything falling short of love is not genuine spirituality, but maybe pretence. Nobody is perfect.

A Fearful Mishirase

I truly appreciate that God gave me an opportunity to fully understand and practice the line in my Mioshie. Sometimes we need a shock to clearly realise our bad habits so that we can change them and improve our lives.

Catholic Questions – Why Do Catholics Confess Their Sins To Priests?

Why do Catholics confess their sins to priests? Because it’s (surprising to some) in scripture, it’s what Jesus said to do! This article gives the reasons for this common Catholic practice.

Spiritual Expansion – Universal Law of Cause and Effect

What is or is not happening around you is a direct reflection of your current level of vibration. For every action there is a reaction. If you want to attract more positive opportunities, relationships and clients into your experience and into your daily life then you must make some changes. What you put out into the Universe is what you are getting back.

Always Be With God

As members of the Perfect Liberty Church (PL), when we use the word “God”, we mean the creator of the universe; the totality of everything; the energy of the universe or the cosmic consciousness. We also believe God does not have a human form and is amorphous. In PL we say all human beings are God’s children.

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