Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 956? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 956 😬

Faith Is The Key To Everything You Want To Experience in the Christian Life

Faith is essential to our lives as believers. Faith is defined as the supernatural power of God made available through man, whereby man can transform conditions, circumstances and situations in the natural realm over which he has been given authority over based on the expressed will of God.

The Power of Belief for Good and Harm

I had a man once try and convince me that electricians, because they are exposed to live electricity, are predisposed to mental illness. His belief was the electricity does funny things to the human mind. His logic had taken one case, perhaps two, together with a misheard research report on the radio news, and extrapolated that out to apply to all electricians. Could you imagine this guy’s approach to the next electrician he would meet, perhaps at a party or at a sporting event?

The Personal And Cosmic Dance Of Light And Dark

It’s both a simple and profound truth that unless there is a black there is no white, without a sun there is no shadow. We cannot avoid the opposing forces which not only confront us in this life but which in fact create our world. So let’s take a lesson from the harmonious pairing of space and matter.

How to Perform Miracles

We might not be able to part the Red Sea or turn water into wine but each of us has the ability to perform smaller miracles. For those who don’t have the ability to focus well enough, or who are too impatient to work at it long enough, if the desire and determination are present and you practice one of the smaller miracles, you can at least get the reaction from people, “Oh, WOW! How did you do that?”

Did Someone Steal My Ex With a Love Spell?

Your relationship was going great. You were in love and everything was perfect. Then suddenly your boyfriend or girlfriend disappears, meets someone else and leaves you completely. Almost as if by magic. But is this just a change of heart or is there more reality to the magic than one could possibly believe?

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