Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 958? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 958 😬

Remodelling Your Spirituality

Jesus was in the business of opening things up: the minds of the disciples and others by his parables, and the eyes of the blind and ears of the deaf through his miracles. He opens hearts to the truth, today and eternally! Throw open the curtains. Better still, take them down. Make curtains, instead, at the extent of your outer boundaries. Learn to live an expansive life. Jesus died for it. We do not hide a shimmering lantern; we place it on the lampstand for all to see.

Transparency and the Nagging Absence of God

Do you ever feel that instead of a joyful sense of the presence of God you feel a nagging sense of God’s absence? In this article, John Harbison describes his own sense of this nagging absence and how he experienced the Lord in the midst of it.

How to Live In The Moment: A Simple Spiritual Practice

To live in the moment it helps to pay attention to time, the time you have left. Time doesn’t flow backwards…it flows forward. The past is over. It’s done. It’s finished. We can’t go back. Yet we often spend much of our life emotionally reliving and obsessing about the past.

To Be Spiritual Do You Have To Be Religious?

Customarily, a lot of faiths have viewed spirituality as an essential feature of religious practice. They believe if you believe in God you will automatically become spiritual and happy. In midst of this common belief a growing number of people are going toward secularism and have agreed to a wider understanding of spirituality.

God’s Plan and Our Hope

There may be no link between our life circumstance and our sense of contentedness. This bemuses and perplexes us, unless we understand that God’s plans are good no matter how we feel… The LORD’S plans are good despite our circumstances. They are sufficient for us. For better and for worse; there for both, is God.

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