Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 961? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 961 😬

Confused by a Shower of Roses

Dear Friends! These past few days were a whirlwind of St. Therese. She was everywhere in my life, so much so that at some point I even asked her to help me establish an exact system of communication, so I will not get confused in her shower of roses. Indeed, I ran to my altar and presented to her a clear but complex system for interpreting the roses, a deformed idea born out of desperation. What confused me for a minute or two was that now a person who knew about my devotion to the Little Flower sent me a rose.

Culture – The Curator

Culture plays a vital role in our development. Whatever we are, wherever we are is because of our culture. We seldom realize this. But, the moment we begin realizing this fact and tend ourselves towards our culture, we become an individual whose thoughts are far above the rational thoughts of caste, creed and economic backgrounds. This article is not penned to show different ways to follow the culture neither does it show its advantages. This article is intended to be read and reader has to question himself/herself how they can become a better individual.

Marriage and Relationships

This article starts out by showing the importance of relationship building in marriage. The article then shows the spiritual application of this importance as we the Church are the bride of Christ. The article finishes with the words of an inspiring song by Mathew West.

The Three Rainbows in the Bible

This article uses the three rainbows in scripture to illustrate deeper truths about God, Satan, and our view of both. Each Rainbow is identified and compared with spiritual applications.

Communicating Your Vision

A vision is the end-result of what has to be fulfilled on earth. It is the final outcome of an assignment. It is the finish line in a race.

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