Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 963? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 963 😬

Three World of Pond Fables

The creatures of Pond have many adventures and learn through everyday events. Here are three stories about their adventures. Enjoy these stories and notice how these fables mirror our own lives.

Reigning in Your Ego

The challenge of building up via self actualization a self-image of which one can be proud and then, by a process of self realization brought about by a change in one’s philopshy and serious meditation is not an easy one to meet. This essay is a personal examination of such a challenge.

Yoga Works on Invoking Self-Love and Compassion

Compassion is one of the most beautiful parts of being human. It is the soft space where you let go and allow yourself to be in the love that you are. Compassion is an essential part of spirituality; it is what we do when love takes over.

Hopi and Biblical Prophecy Happening

Prophecy is being fulfilled in our days. These events are urging us to be prepared for the coming of someone many call “Messiah”.

Blossom Goodchild Message November 2011: Brace Yourselves

At the end of October 2011, medium Blossom Goodchild asked the Galactic Federation if there was anything in particular they wanted to say. They replied with two words whose meaning I am now quite familiar: “Brace yourselves!” This article describes my understanding of “brace yourselves.”

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