Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 964? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 964 😬

Have Faith In The Name Of Jesus

A couple of Sundays ago my pastor taught this message, have faith in the name of Jesus. It was so inspiring to me that it stayed with me all week and even now. I asked the Lord to tell me what He wanted me to know because the name of Jesus stayed with me. On the fifth day He said to me, the name of Jesus break through.

What Demons Mean and Do To Our Lives

What demons mean to do for our lives is to influence our decisions to be self destructive. Emotions we utilize in our everyday lives contain spirits of good as well as evil.

Are Demons Real Or Not

Are demons real or not? Do they have any impact upon our lives and if so, what do they do? How do we cast them out on this Halloween night?

You As the Creator

The source of your creativity comes from the stars. As they send out the energy of their beings you are the recipient. The stars, in their ever evolving nature, provide a constant source of energy so that you may create within the Earth plane.

Life Is About GOD

God seeks a relationship with us, compels us to relate with others, and insists we relate with ourselves in development. Life is about love for God, others, and self. Life is about God.

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