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Al-Syed Tahir Alauddin – A Model of Islamic Spiritualism

The very bases of multiple hardships of life are negative mindset and lusty behavior. A sufi/saint concentrates on these twin menaces of personality and manages them wisely. The final outcome of Sufi Struggle is contented life, both personal as well as interactive. We briefly mentioned the Life Sketch of a great Sufi of 20th century to illuminate Islamic Spiritualism.

The Importance Of A Tantra Teacher

Receiving tantric instructions from a qualified tantra teacher ensures that the transfer of spiritual knowledge happens optimally and efficiently. Unlike in attempting to learn the tantric arts from books, there is no margin for error in the guru-shishya relationship. Scriptures are expertly explained, and their context to the personal life of the student is made very clear. There is no scope for misinterpretation.

Desiring the Spiritual Gifts

A healthy desire for spiritual gifts is dependent on at least two things. We must understand it is only the Holy Spirit that allots gifting. Secondly, these gifts are only useful if we have the service of others, and therefore God, close at heart and front of mind. If we accept the first condition, and are motivated by the second, we can expect the Spirit to accede to our desires around spiritual gifts.

On Surrender

I remember when my cousin and I were talking about life changes – the next day she had a house fire. She had just qualified as a counsellor. It was a new beginning and everything was going ok; it was a new dawn then the fire started. As a conscious student of life and metaphysics I realised that fire is cleansing, fire also burns away the old energy.

Helping Hurt People

This article uses a simple story to illustrate an important life lesson. It shows the attitude we need when trying to help the hurting people in our lives.

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