Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 967? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 967 😬

Spiritual Expansion – Becoming Comfortable In My Own Skin

In many ways I felt lost and alone. I was often challenged for seeing things differently. With each step forward I discovered more about who I am and how to assimilate my truth. I have been where you are.

Two Keys to Release God’s Financial Abundance in Every Disciple of Jesus

Through the cross, the kingdom of heaven has been given to every child of God. Every believer can walk in the abundance of God’s kingdom as they learn to walk in faith in God’s promises and as they learn the power of sowing a seed to reap a harvest. The riches of the kingdom of heaven has already been released into every child of God through the blood of Jesus. No follower of Jesus should ever live in poverty and need. When we learn the secret of walking in financial abundance in God’s kingdom, we are then ready to fulfill our spiritual destiny in Christ Jesus.

Angels – Jeduthun Will Help You Express Your Truth

What is truth? It is in part acknowledging your desires. Begin speaking your truth to you. Truth is that golden energy of knowing that you are here for something more.

Three Reasons Why God Wants All His Children to Live in Financial Abundance

God wants all His children to live in financial abundance. He is not a scrooge or a stingy taskmaster. He is our good and loving Father who longs to bless each one of His children beyond what we can imagine. Prospering His children on this earth brings great delight to our Father in heaven. He also wants to make His children rich so that they will fulfill their calling to be a blessing to the nations. Furthermore, God will bless all His children because He is a God who keeps covenant, a God who fulfills all that He has promised to His children in His word.

One of Seven Billion: Does Your Life Really Matter?

The population of the world has recently passed seven billion. In light of this can any one person’s life really be significant?

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