Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 968? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 968 😬

Jesus and the Hourglass Paradox

When we play Pictionary, using the tiny plastic hourglass, we quickly find the bottom-half full of sand and the top portion empty when time is up. As our time dries up, the bottom-half is symbolically full with sand – representing both our transgressions and the forgiveness of God for the repentance we enacted right up until the final day. The top portion might represent the unrepentant sinner; not a transgression visible to their eye or worthy of repenting of, nor the forgiveness of God.

Hate Is Hell, Love Is Heaven

Love is a force, and hate is an absence of that force. Hate is not a force at all, but just a default to fear. Understand, ultimately love creates what is desired in every way. From productive inventions to good thoughts and actions, love of life and existence is power.

Psalm 127 – Children Are A Heritage of the LORD

If we walk humbly with our God we will be blessed with the finest of blessings – generally, in the form of family. There is no finer blessing than family. Simple blessings are the best of blessings.

How to Succeed by Developing Intuition

By developing intuition you can give yourself an awe inspiring upper hand in your life. But the development of intuition in your life is not a difficult task.

Let’s Fully Express Ourselves

In writing this article I’m expressing myself. Then if I get up for a break to go and get a cup of tea, I’m expressing myself the whole time from getting up, walking to the kitchen, filling the kettle with water and starting it, getting a tea bag and putting it into the teapot, taking a mug from the cupboard, pouring the boiling water into the teapot, waiting for the tea to steep, pouring the tea into my mug and then adding milk I’ve taken from the refrigerator and then walking back to my computer with the tea. While doing all of this I’ve done nothing other than express myself and even my brain has been operating by thinking, but there again that’s myself expressing through my thoughts.

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