Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 969? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 969 😬

How to Increase Your Vibrations

The higher your vibration the better. Very enlightened people are said to have a high vibration. It is likely that people like Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer had extremely low vibrations. It is possible to increase your vibrational frequency simply by doing the following:

Definitions of Psychics, Mediums, Numerologists, and Others

Did you know that a medium and a psychic are two different things entirely? Do you know what a numerologist does? How about an astrologist or a past life regression therapist?

How to Experience Oneness and Bliss in Meditation

Want more peace and bliss in your life? Seeking Enlightenment? Read this short article on meditation and learn how you can experience deep, blissful peace and oneness.

Myths Overcoming Hell

When I was a child I was fascinated by myths, and especially those concerning the underworld, what we sometimes call journeys into hell. It is difficult to account for why these sort of stories appeal, although now – at the later end of my life – it’s all very clear: having been to hell – my 3 months hospitalization – recently, then obviously my fascination was a sort of premonition of the fact!

Developing Intuition – Way to Success

Have you ever though a certain way and didn’t know why, but it drove you in different direction than the one you originally wanted to take? And later you found that the direction you took was the correct one?

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