Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 970? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 970 😬

The Border Between Heaven and Earth

Dear Friends! Yesterday’s philosophical article prompted me to do some more philosophizing. What has intrigued me lately is this delicate border between our own powers as humans and those of God, and how we confuse what is ours and what is His, and how not knowing our place leads to all sorts of trouble. This came to my mind with even more intensity yesterday, as I was thinking so much about my seventh room in the depth of my soul, a room filled with the shadows only I know about. Apart from my fears and misguided notions of right and wrong, this room is also filled with my manipulations, and it is these manipulations that I would like to talk about today. Not mine only, of course, but about manipulations in general.

The Basics for Using a Pendulum

A Pendulum in its most basic construction is made by suspending any object that is not too large and has a little weight to it on the end of a piece of string or chain so that it can swing or move easily. It is used as a divination tool to predict an outcome, or to provide simple insight into an event or a topic of concern. It is often used to provide clarity and assist in decision making and to get to the truth of a matter.

A Rose on Therese Day

Dear Friends! This past few days were the most touching and the happiest in my life! So many things I have to tell you, but if I were to tell you everything in one posting, the article would be too long. Let us just say for now, that during this October novena to St. Therese, I received not only a single rose, but a “shower” of roses. The roses we receive tell us that she is praying hard for us and that God is understanding, merciful and benevolent towards our wish.

The Challenge of Choice

Alive in the physical, or in our dead life, one of our greatest gifts is choice. In our physical life we have defined our ability to choose from the narrow view of what we think is available to us. Until recently, even our scientists have been blocked by their insistence that every experiment must be duplicated exactly. Then our quantum physicists proved that we see what we expect to see. Therein lies our false premise.

Idol Worship by Hindus

Why do Hindus worship idols of the Gods and Goddesses? Is there significance connected to it? Or, is it something woven in the culture and customs of the people? Well, there are many reasons connected to this custom which is directly related to mindset of people.

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