Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 971? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 971 😬

Bluebeard’s Castle

Dear Friends! Yesterday I thought a lot about forgiving and Agape. Forgiving each other is so important, as we are also forgiven for what we do to others. Since we are also forgiven for our own mistakes, we should hardly be judging others. Just think about this: Bartok’s opera Bluebird’s Castle, the story of which is based on a French fairy tale Bluebeard, talks about a hidden and forbidden room in the castle where no one is allowed to enter. In this room Bluebird has all the shadows of his soul: his lies, his cheats, his manipulations, his fears, all the darkness and the secrets of a human soul, that he does not want anyone to see, especially not his new wife, Judy.

Reform, Reshape, Restore, How to Understand My Purpose God’s Way

What are you doing right now? Is your life lining up with your purpose/destiny? What is it called when we want change, but continue to repeat the same things expecting different results (INSANITY).

2012 – Spiritual Enlightenment or Global Meltdown?

There are many theories to what will happen in 2012. Therefore, as a logical, rational being – with an intuitive twist – I put forward a line of questioning in the vain hope that I may find, and ultimately share, some answers. The word from many spiritual figures, such as Diana Cooper, is we are entering a new age of spiritual awareness, and ascension to a higher spiritual level. Many believe there will be an energy force coming from above, to “turn on” our spiritual selves.

Loving With Agape

Dear Friends! Yesterday’s cards promised a day filled with calmness, clarity and generosity of the heart. I am happy to tell you that nothing upset these feelings yesterday, although nothing special happened either. I spent the day at home in perfect harmony with the world and with myself, and there were no intrusions that would have jolted me out of the peace I was feeling inside. On days like this I feel in harmony with God’s Will; I feel I walk calmly on the path He assigned for me, and I know that all the things that are happening to me are there because He allowed them to be part of my life, so that He can carry our His perfect plan for me. Events in my life, both good and painful, are the building blocks of my life, through which the perfect divine plan will unfold.

What Does 2012 Mean For You And Your Cycles?

As we begin our approach into the year 2012, we are faced with many speculations as to what will take place. Depending on the group or particular school of thought that you are in, it could be a massive awakening or a massive annihilation. Some even ascribe to a combination of the two. What we can all agree on is that it will be a year of change, whether that change is natural or self-induced, change is imminent. If we cooperate with change, we experience renewal; if we fight it, we experience turmoil. The fear of change is the absolute strongest fear. When you consider the fear of death, or the fear of losing anything, be it a loved one or money, it all goes back to being afraid of something changing….

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