Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 972? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 972 😬

Psalm 58 – In Time, the LORD Will Avenge

Cursing someone who has hurt us may not seem very good, but God understands it is part of the normal human process of adjustment. What this psalm commends is keeping such destructive emotion below the level of action – a commitment to waiting on the LORD.

Nutrition for Spiritual Growth

For each of us, eating right for our body can not only help us to feel great, it can also help to keep us in the right energetic space for living a meditative and mindful life. And even though this won’t directly result in spiritual awakening, we are told that making our body a temple can potentially make the quantum shift more likely to happen.

When Saints Communicate

Dear Friends! Today, I would like to tell you the meaning of the rose I got from St. Therese on October 1st. It was an important event in my life that I also posted about on October 2nd. Having received my rose on the fifth day of my novena, I became very curious: what does it mean when a saint we have asked to intercede for us sends us a very specific sign, the sign that we requested of them? I was really consumed by finding the answer, and I launched into an extensive research on the Internet as well as in books. What I have found only confused me further. Some say that receiving the rose means that our prayer has been heard. Some way that it means that our prayer will be answered. But no one says that receiving the rose means that our wish will be granted.

On the Path to Agape

Today too, I am asking the cards what message they have for me today. Having shuffled my Saints and Angels deck, I drew the Forgiveness, the Reward and the Learning Experience cards. The combination is telling me that today I will need to embrace more the idea of forgiving both to others and to myself. Forgiveness is essential in my life, as until I forgive, my heart will stay divided between the peace I really want and my ego that cannot let go of the hurt and wishes hurt on others to validate its own pain. Agape is the word for absolute love, divine love, love that never questions, only accepts, only assumes the best about others, and is forgiving and patient.

Our Little Ways

Dear Friends! I spent the entire day yesterday researching St. Therese. The more I know about her, the more I am touched by her simple way of expressing her faith. I am really drawn to her belief in the simple and the uncomplicated, especially in this era when we love to over-analyze and over-express and just overdo many things that could be done a lot more simply. The power of her faith lies in her little ways, a simple way of talking to God and showing Him her devotion.

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