Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 973? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 973 😬

Why Spirituality Cannot Help You Overcome Your Issues

People say their parents did things which have negatively effected them emotionally as an adult. The problem isn’t they happened, it’s the habit of reacting.

Listening for the LORD

People are often confused regarding prophecy’s most common function. It isn’t in discerning the future, in ways to instruct or warn others, communities, and nations. Sure, there are prophets for those roles. But our role in prophecy, as it pertains to our personal and interpersonal lives, is to discern what the LORD is telling us to do. In this way we obey.

The Inner Man Set Free From Bondage

If you’re going to understand the Bible, you need to know there’s an inner and outer man,” my uncle said to me. That was many years ago.

Surviving the Deserts of the Lord

The specific vicinity is the parched land of the spirit – dried out in the presence of a vacuum where the spirit’s spirituality has, through no fault of its own, been left to wither and slowly die for the faintness of hope and joy. There is, however, a classic irony; maturity is forged never more quickly as we survive the deserts of the Lord.

From Depression to Joy

Being in a place of hopelessness is one of the most dangerous places you can be. I once was in a place where I honestly thought life would never get better. Things would never improve. Then something changed… me.

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