Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 975? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 975 😬

Karma Quiz Case Studies: Guess Which Ones Incur Bad Karma

Below we offer a karma quiz. Guess which one of each case study gains the bad karma.

Miracles Come Simply

Dear Friends! The other day my dear friend and I were talking about miracles, and what miracles really are. Most of us think of miracles as out of the ordinary experiences or occurrences that burst into our lives to awe us, to bring us to our knees, to overwhelm us with their power and shiny presence, to reveal divine dimensions we have never seen before. My friend and I, however, see miracles in a much simpler light.

Spiritual Expansion – How You Do Energy Is How You Do Everything

If you are experiencing less than ideal relationships or lack financially, your energy is blocked. Blocked energy in any area of your life blocks energy in all areas of your life. Your Life’s Purpose is directly connected to you and where you energy is focused. How you do energy is how you do everything in every area of your life.

The 3 Steps to Knowing Yourself As God

One of highest experiences you can have in your lifetime is to know yourself as the Divine.  When you let go of all fear, drop every judgment you have, release all those opinions about yourself and others, you stop believing you are separate from God. You can discover a place of sacred refuge within that is like no other.

Dreams – Unlocking The Mystery

The dreamer is walking along a path through a nondescript piece of land. There is thorny brush growing off to one side. Suddenly, a monster roars from behind, running fast and looming overhead. The dreamer screams and starts running as fast as he or she can. There is a foreboding sense of being unable to run fast enough, and the dreamer is terrified of being caught. The dream ends..

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