Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 979? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 979 😬

What If I Deviate From God’s Plan?

Deviating from the plan that God has for us is not uncommon especially when it seem that it is long in coming but to do that is not a good thing. God is aware of what He is doing and He know when He want to manifest His plan in our life so it would be best if we would wait on Him and do not attempt to alter His plan.

Serving the Right Leader

This article addresses the question of who we serve in life. Many people struggle with this question, but the fact is we all serve something, or somebody. We must learn the who and how.

Who Is Jesus Christ? Man or God?

He was there in the beginning with God our Father. Learn why He came in the form of a man.

A Tabernacle View of the Armor of God

This article uses the Old Testament Tabernacle to shine more light on the armor of God. It shows the relationship of each piece of the armor as see through the tabernacle.

The One Desire

The desire to know and recognize God, Truth, to experience that sweet space of Oneness is thought by some philosophers to be the root of all desire, the one desire. It may be that the desire disguises itself, showing up as a wish for a new car, or a particular job. Perhaps it shows up as some wanting for a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a relationship.

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