Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 996? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 996 😬

Suffering Is a Mind-Made Entity

I began seeing that yes, painful situations arise in life, it’s inevitable. However, the suffering I was experiencing was the effect of the thoughts I was having about the painful situations. My mind was having a party with all the painful events and I was the guest of honor.

Living Life to the Fullest – The 7 Regrets You Never Want to Have

Many people want to live their life to the fullest, but only end up looking back upon their life with regret. The 7 regrets in this article are regrets that you never want to have. And with dedication and commitment you don’t have to.

The Spirit of Truth and Revelation

The Holy Spirit is God’s gift for living the salvation life; the truth will be made known to those who know God, this way, through the Holy Spirit because truth becomes revelation. Our task is to develop our sense of the Spirit, which only abides in truth. This requires intimacy with God. How honestly intimate are you with the Lord, today?

An Altar In My House? How to Build a Simple Altar For Personal Fulfillment

When my Tarot Reader/friend told me she practiced Wicca I thought “cool!” Then she told me that she had an altar in her bedroom and I thought “umm… ok…?” When “regular” folk think about an altar, images of churches and priests come to mind. I never realized that an altar can simply be a sacred space for one to reflect and keep things that are meaningful to them. Read on to learn how to create an altar for personal enjoyment.

Nutrition for Spiritual Growth

For each of us, eating right for our body can not only help us to feel great, it can also help to keep us in the right energetic space for living a meditative and mindful life. And even though this won’t directly result in spiritual awakening, we are told that making our body a temple can potentially make the quantum shift more likely to happen.

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