Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 9999? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 9999 😬

Tips For Waiting On The Lord

Time and tide may not wait for any man, but any man is destined to wait for many things in life. Moreover, if you can wait for earthly things and people, then similarly you should wait for and on the Lord. Life is full of situations that impose upon us the necessity to wait.

Participating in the Ministry of Christ

There are a multitude of models for ministry but what is ministry? It is one of those words that we use often but rarely define. Read this post as John Harbison offers a definition of ministry and unpacks how true ministry is a participation in the ministry of Christ.

How to Use Tarot Cards

Tarot decks have been used as a tool for divination and self-healing for centuries, and the attraction of the beautifully illustrated cards on humankind never seems to fade. Whether you want to know what the future may hold or want to connect with your inner self, Tarot cards can be a powerful tool that it’s easy to learn, but at the same time filled with symbolism and deep spiritual meanings. There’s no right and wrong way to use Tarot cards, and each practitioner often develops its own unique way of reading the Tarot, but the basics behind a Tarot reading stay the same.

Creating With The Universal Law of ACTION

The Law of Attraction is an amazing Universal Truth, ancient in its roots but made popular again with a rush of material in popular media. The basic idea is that you have the power to set your intentions about what you want in life and then attract it to you via focused thought. While many people have had initial success with this concept, there seemed to be something missing from the equation.

Worship in Spirit and Truth

Simply put, Jesus commands us to love the Father in spirit – with all our heart – and in truth – with our entire mind. If we will worship the LORD appropriately our minds will be engaged, glorying in the truth, and our hearts will be piqued; an emotional transference will take place in the presence of that truth as it is felt on a deep, impacting personal level.

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