Why You Keep Seeing On The Clock The Time 00:00? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 00:00 😬

Achilles and the Turtle

The ancient Greek philosopher Zeno posed the problem of Achilles and the turtle. According to him movement is a fallacy as Achilles can never overtake the turtle, measure being infinitely divisible.

Palmistry Lines Reading – Does It Work?

Palmistry lines got a pretty poor reputation throughout time, making people think it is a fraud. In this article we shall cover what palmistry lines reading can do for you, and not less important – what it can’t. We shall break some common myths, and reveal the truth, and see how you can leverage this method to enhance your life and others.

Angels – Archangel Haniel Assists You in Expanding Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Many people are very unhappy with the way their life is and yet they choose to do absolutely nothing. If you are truly a believer you are reaching through your fear, reaching beyond all you have ever known what is holding you back? As long as you are in physical form, you will at some point experience moments, hours or perhaps even a few days or doubt and uncertainty.

What Is Truth In the Postmodern World?

Pilate rather said than asked the Lord Jesus, ‘what is truth?’ In this short analysis I hope to explain that truth is seated on the edge of knife and that we should be careful not to turn either to the right or to the left.

Tips on How to Pray Effectively

I’ll never forget the sit, stand, kneel and pray routine I learned as a child at the St Dominic Church. Memories still fill my mind of being taught “how” to pray. Although with good intention, the church’s teaching was more about how to kneel and hold my hands together properly rather than the fostering of communication with the Higher Intelligence (God).

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