Why You Keep Seeing On The Clock The Time 02:02? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 02:02 😬

How to Gracefully Go With The Flow of Life

Why is it that some people seem to live an enchanted life and others at the same time are struggling merely to survive? The difference is that those that live an enchanted life are making a different choice that allows them to live a life that flows without effort. You too can make the same choice.

Set Back or Set Up?

Each day when I wake, I pray about all of the things I would like to see happen in my day. Many days my day does not turn out as planned.

Thank God for the Ability

Rusty (by name, not by nature) has, as always, rather a lot on just now. Christian in pedigree, but with heavy responsibilities also in secular life, he quite often feels at odds with his faith. With so much work pressure he constantly feels there’s little ability to help others as he would like to. As a result, many efforts to help are usually tinged with inner frustration. He knows it’s not the right mental approach. But he can’t do everything, right?

Praying With A Chotki

The time of meditation of prayer with or without Chotki is tightly connected with extreme concentration. During a prayer you direct your energy, thoughts and wishes towards the higher force and you need some kind of earthly anchor to keep in touch with the present.

Watching Your Life’s Purpose Unfolding

Your life’s purpose will show itself to you and this article discusses the best way to recognize it. It uses the tenth insight for spiritual awareness.

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