Why You Keep Seeing On The Clock The Time 21:21? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 21:21 😬

Aliens – Where In The World Are They?

This article explores the various methods of space travel now available and available in the future. I explain the benefits of mental space travel over travel in a space vehicle. I also explain in more detail how mental projections can be utilized to visit alien worlds.

The Gospel of Jesus

The Gospel of Jesus is the Good News of Jesus. The Good News that Jesus brought for all men is that: “You too can be like me!”

Reunion of Jews and Joes Based on Spirituality

The reunion of the House of Judah and the Ten Northern Tribes, often called the House of Joseph, is based on the spiritual condition of the hearts of the people Creator is gathering. It will not be based on DNA results.

That Crazy Ticking Clock!

If you knew you had five years to live would you do things with more urgency than you are now? What if you knew you only had today? How would that impact you? What would be at the top of your ‘bucket list’ of things to do before you die? My hunch would be that the list would change quickly.

Restoring Your State

Your state of being is at the heart of how you experience yourself in life. It informs your perspective and your choices. It is your responsibility to protect and restore your state.

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