Why You Keep Seeing On The Clock The Time 22:22? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 22:22 😬

Life’s Last Day, Then Eternity

God has wired within us all the yearning for life; for abundance; for joy. Only death finalises that hope. Yet, our loving Creator would never have designed us to want to live forever if there was no life beyond this world. We have heaven to look forward to, yes we do! This life is not all there is. Is heaven what you hope for? And, do you know Jesus?

How to Satisfy Your Hunger (Spiritually and Physically)

All physical hungers when taken in excess such as over-eating, unhealthy sexual behaviours, addictions etc. all result from our soul crying out to be satisfied; crying out for something more; something that only the love of God can fill. If you’re an emotional eater then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Learn how to satisfy this hunger.

My Miracle of Healing

With an unwavering faith, feeling good always, I was healed! I’ve learned with the Law of Attraction that how you feel is essential to manifesting what you are wanting. I was manifesting healing.

Analysis Of The Simplicity And Infinitude Of The Divinity

Most people have heard of the concepts of transcendence and immanence. But have you ever heard about the indivisible simplicity of the divinity?

The Antichrist, UFO, and the Church – Part Six

Check out the biblical connection of UFOs and the end times and how the Antichrist will join forces with the fallen watchers to impose global martial law, dividing up the world into ten regions and restoring to the people a false hope of peace and security as the counterfeit Messiah. The fallen angels will rule the earth again as it was in the days of Noah thus provoking the wrath of God. Sinners will choose darkness to light for the ease of the imagination to the labour of one’s faith in Christ. But the imagination carries the virus of death, because God put this curse on Satan first when he used the power of the imagination to affront God. Satan became the father of iniquity and he spread this soul eating virus to Adam. Now the power of death rules in this dimension and Satan uses this power to deceive the whole world.

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