Why You Keep Seeing On The Clock The Time 23:23? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 23:23 😬

Spiritual Expansion – What Is Metaphysics?

Beyond the physical, what does this mean? Beyond the physical is many things and it is one thing. Metaphysics is the believing in that which cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or heard with any of your physical senses.

Raja Yoga and a Unique Lesson in Faith and Trust

Raja Yoga is the spiritual process of self-realization practised by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This institution has its world headquarters in Rajasthan India but its main centre of operations in the West is located in Oxford England: the Global Retreat Centre, attracting approximately 10,000 visitors a year.

Identity Search

I must be delivered from my obsession to be loved. This obsession enslaves me to the feelings of others. I do not need to be loved by others, for I am cherished by the one who is love at it’s fullest. When Jesus is the final source of my love, my enslavement to others ends. I will be free to fully love them.

Developing a Spiritual Vision

This article discusses aspects of developing a spiritual vision. Developing a spiritual vision fosters spiritual growth and understanding.

From Cause And Effect To Absolute Meaningfulness

We humans have the innate tendency to absolutize what is our own. Even though both the atheist and the puritan does this, both will deny this vehemently. But this tendency spells a lost battle, as only the divinity is absolute.

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